In the field

For over 30 years I have traveled across America photographing my vision of The Elegant Landscape, capturing images mostly on large format 4x5 film:  From Maine to California and from Washington state to Florida and many places in between. I've had the privilege to share my work with others with photographs appearing in publications, by participating in group shows and having created fine art prints for individual and business collections.

Large format 4x5 film provides  





sixteen times the surface area on which to capture film grain or even digital pixel detail that is difficult to match in 35mm film or even 35mm full-frame digital. With over 30 years of exacting darkroom experience I have created archival photographic prints of all sizes in both B&W and color.

Combining 4x5 film with digital technology allows for fine art prints that can be as small as 4 inches x 5 inches or up to 40 inches x 60 inches and even larger, without the loss of detail or quality. Given these recent changes in digital technology, my existing body of work can now be shared with you, along with new yet to be created large format 4x5 fine art photographs. 

Trekking and camping the back trails of America's wilderness areas, state parks and National Parks as a solo traveler in search of the Elegant Landscape to photograph, not many pictures of me in the field exist. I am happy to share this one with you. 

Working with 4x5 large format photographic equipment, in my opinion, has been worth the extra weight in my backpack.